Manchester Cathedral Flower Festival

Staff from Nursery Fresh have just returned from Manchester, where they were sole suppliers of flowers to the Manchester Cathedral Flower Festival 2012, a part of Manchester’s ‘Dig the City’ event.

Designed by Chelsea ‘Gold Medallist’  Elaine Middleton, the festival featured 100’s of arrangers from the Manchester  Diocese and flower clubs from the North West of England, who worked tirelessly to create stunning arrangements with musical themes.

Manchester Cathedral Director of Fundraising, Anthony O’Connor, thanked Nursery Fresh for their professionalism throughout the two years of planning and for the exceptionally high quality of flowers supplied to the event.

Nursery Fresh would like to thank:

NV Transport Ltd of Chichester for their help with logistics and their driver, Dimitri, whose skill negotiating a 40ft articulated lorry through the pedestrianised Medieval Quarter of Manchester was ‘quite unbelievable’ – Thank you Dimitri !

Sjaak van der Vijver B.V for the superb quality flowers and attention to detail – Thank you!

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