Some nice testimonials this morning…

From: SarahT
Sent: 17 October 2011 19:50
To: Clare Dridge
Subject: Wedding flowers


I contacted you back in June/July with regards to flowers for my sister’s wedding and following your advise ordered and used some beautiful phalenopsis orchids from you. They were gorgeous and so many people commented so thank you for your help with that.Due to the success of these  flowers I have been asked to do some more wedding flowers this time in December. The bride has requested a hand tied bouquet to include rosemary as the foliage, but is not sure what flowers she wants. Her colour scheme is deep purple and cream, I would be really greatfull if you could give me some ideas of what I could use and what flowers are available mid December.

Thank you again in

Regards Sarah

From: AnneB

Sent:  17 October 2011 16:14
To: Clare Dridge
Subject: RE: Wedding Flowers

Dear Clare,
I thought you might like to see James and Gemma’s wedding flowers. They were so beautiful and everyone remarked on how lovely they were. My freind who arranged
the flowers wanted me to tell you how fresh and exquisite they were.
Thank you for helping may the wedding day so perfect.
with thanks
Anne  B


From: ES

Sent:  18 October 2011 19:21
To: Clare Dridge
Subject: RE: Flowers

Hi Clare,

WOW! what can I say about the fabulous flowers which I had delivered last week, they were perfect and I was so pleased with the order.  The flowers all turned out
well and I had lots of positive comments, the photographs are stunning.
Thank you so much for your help.



From: Margaret L

Sent: 18 October 2011 19:54
To: Clare Dridge
Subject: wedding flowers

This is just to say how pleased we were with the flowers we received from you Sept 23rd. They. all arrived in very good condition especially the delphiniums which were much admired by every one.
Thanks for a great service which all helped to make a really great wedding.
Kind regards Margaret L and Diana B (the florist )


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