Manchester Cathedral appoints Nursery Fresh…

Manchester Cathedral has appointed Nursery Fresh Wholesale
Flowers as sole supplier to Its 2012 Flower Festival.

Having watched the Nursery Fresh ‘team’ at work during the recent Salisbury Cathedral Flower Festival ‘set-up’, Fundraising and Development Director, Anthony O’Connor and Head of Flowers, Helen Bamping commented on the ‘extremely smooth operation’ and ‘superb flower quality’ delivered by Nursery Fresh

Mr O’Connor was also delighted to announce that Elaine Middleton would be the designer for their July 2012 Festival. Elaine, a recent Chelsea Gold Medal and Best in Show winner is well known as a demonstrator and judge

Needless to say Nursery Fresh is honoured to have been appointed and look forward to working with Elaine, Helen and Anthony.

L-R John Waddington Director Nursery Fresh, Designer Elaine Middleton, Manchester Cathedral's Head of Flowers, Helen Bamping and Director of Fundraising and Development Anthony O'Connor



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