Good start to 2011!

Nursery Fresh has already been inundated with enquiries from Brides looking for top quality flowers for their ‘Big Day’.

Whilst the biggest search engine ‘search term’, directing customers to our website, is ‘wholesale flowers’; ‘wedding flowers’ comes a very close second followed by ‘wedding flower ideas’, ‘wedding bouquets’ and ‘wedding flower arrangements’.

Our team were delighted to meet up with several Brides over the Christmas and New Year holiday period who came in to collect the flowers for their festive wedding.

As a wholesaler, Nursery Fresh is able to supply Brides with cut flowers and foliage at competitive prices which they can then arrange themselves or with the help of a friend or relative. Our ‘full wedding service’ allows brides living or getting married closer to us, to have their bouquets, buttonholes etc made by us, using the same flowers as those ordered for the ceremony / venue. As well as keeping down the costs, this also provides complete continuity of varieties and quality.

Each wedding order is treated individually and the flowers are imported direct from our suppliers to tie in with the date of the wedding. Close liaison with all our suppliers means that our staff are incredibly knowledgeable about the very latest trends and varieties and can then guide you through the ordering process with ease. 

Most importantly though, we are passionate about weddings and will always enjoy speaking to you about yours!

Visit our ‘Wedding Flowers’ page here

2 thoughts on “Good start to 2011!

  1. Hi I am planning my daughters wedding on 1st April this year. Could you let me know what is available at this time of year and an updated price list.Is it best to allow 2 – 3 days to condition flowers so how much before that would I need to order so I’m not chewing my fingernails?

    • Hi Julia and thanks for your enquiry. We will email you a price list today and some advice about conditioning.
      Because most of our flowers are despatched in ‘aqua’ boxes, they generally arrive already conditioned and ready to use.
      Best wishes

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