Salisbury Cathedral Flower Festival 2011

Nursery Fresh are looking forward to meeting the flower arrangers who will be creating  the stunning arrangements in Salisbury Cathedral at next year’s Flower Festival to be held 14th– 18th June 2011.

 This first meeting will be held in the Cathedral today,  Saturday 16th October, where over 200 arrangers will listen to an introduction from the Cathedral Marketing Director, David Coulthard and the Designers Michael Bowyer, Angela Turner and Pam Lewis, who will describe their design.

John and Sally Waddington of Nursery Fresh Ltd, sole suppliers to this spectacular event, will outline their role to the arrangers who will be representing Parishes within the Diocese.

 The Team from Nursery Fresh have been involved as sole and central suppliers to many Cathedral Flower Festivals including Chichester, Portsmouth, Guildford, Westminster Abbey and the last one held in Salisbury in 2008.

Some pictures from the meeting on Saturday when a staggering 230 Flower Arrangers came to Salisbury Cathedral to hear ‘The Vision’ for the “Salisbury Cathedral Flower Festival – 2011”

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